“Excelling in the shipyard industry, creating long-term partnerships with all our stakeholders, driven to increase value to their core business and reduce the environmental footprint in the shipping industry.”



CHALLENGE the shipyard industry in Northern Europe and set new standards of excellence in ship repair, maintenance and construction


CONTRIBUTE to a cleaner and safer maritime environment by offering state-of-the-art technical and environmental improvements


ENSURE value creation through close cooperation with all our stakeholders


CENTRALIZE our spare parts distribution center and technical supplies at our shipyard and create a maritime technical hub in Antwerp


LEARN and increase our technical expertise by closely following new market developments in the shipping industry


DEVELOP - by 2025, EDR Antwerp Shipyard will launch the first of many ship- & industry build projects


EDR Antwerp Shipyard is the largest investor in the maritime industry in Belgium, investing in the modernization and expansion of our shipyard in the Port of Antwerp. Our BV Classed Certified state-of-the-art workshop is equipped, with all modern equipment ensuring in-house quality craftsmanship.

EDR Antwerp Shipyard has excellent relationships with all International Classification Societies.

The horizontal Management  structure stands for efficient working methods and short communication lines, increasing transparency in cost, guaranteeing quality  and lead time of your project.

Our health, safety and environmental policy is vetted by major offshore, tanker, and oil companies and qualifies to the strictest requirements. Safety at the shipyard always comes first.

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EDR Antwerp Shipyard, formed in the late ’90 as Engine Deck Repair NV, started as a small workshop providing emergency repairs during cargo operations. Gradually its technical services extended by offering our clients extensive repairs, afloat repairs and conversions on lay-by berths and during navigation. 

In 2006, Engine Deck Repair NV expanded into the field of spare parts distribution and technical supplies. 

Adding services for inland vessel to the above success formula resulted, in the year 2011, in the creation of the biggest ship repair company in Belgium.  

In 2015, EDR acquired ownership and management of the yard at quay 403 in the center of the Port of Antwerp. Since then, we have made rigorous investments in the drydocks, cranes, repair berths, and workshops. 

EDR Antwerp Shipyard is now a fully equipped shipyard ready to take on even the most challenging repair, conversion and building projects. It is our responsibility to set the benchmark in drydocking and shipyard activities through continuous innovation of our facilities. 


Reclaiming the position as preferred shipyard in Europe and setting new standards of excellence in ship repair, maintenance and construction.



We strive for zero accidents by complying with all relevant health, safety, and environmental legislation.

Personal Growth

We aim to offer a healthy work environment where all employees have opportunities to grow and develop. The well-being of our employees is an absolute priority.


We execute every project exceeding market standards. EDR Antwerp Shipyard commits to continuously improving quality management systems.


We contribute to a cleaner and safer maritime environment by offering state-of-the-art technical improvements.