Installation BWTS Alfa Laval 3.2 300

In February 2021, the Team of EDR Antwerp Shipyard welcomed an LPG Tanker in our dock 4 for an intermediate survey and installation of a Ballast Water Treatment Installation Plant from Alfa Laval. 

Our specialized team of engineers, who are trained and certified by Alfa Laval managed to complete the entire project in less than 14 days, including the activation and certification of the treatment plant. 

The installation of this includes several critical steps. 

  • 3D design of the treatment plant on board
  • prefabrication of the entire system in our workshop
  • galvanization
  • installation
  • testing and certification

All these steps require accurate planning in order to limit the time in dock and to ascertain that the downtime of the vessel is reduced to the utmost minimum.

Another project completed, compliant to the highest standard of the shipping industry.