Container vessel special survey in soaring container markets

With container rates going through the roof, Owners and Charterers aim to keep their vessels as long as possible in service prior docking. In order to guarantee stable income for the vessels, management and maintenance has to be on point. Therefore, EDR Antwerp Shipyard offers a high quality docking service in the heart of the container market in Europe – Antwerp. Parallel to the docking survey, we land all hatch covers for proper maintenance. This reduces the downtime of the vessel significantly. 

During hull maintenance (or what we call shampoo-shave) , we install vessel upgrades like Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) and Scrubbers. This vessel is now equipped with state-of-the art BWTS system in order to prevent the introduction of exotic microorganisms. 

Our aim is to extend the life time of the vessels. Cost is the driving factor and therefore planning is key and service our goal.  Standard drydocking contracts are being replaced by transparent agreements and collaborations.