The subtle change of the commercial name from Engine Deck Repair to EDR Antwerp Shipyard is putting focus on the completed and ongoing investments in our docking and shipyard facilities. EDR Antwerp shipyard is based on 4 pillars of activities:

  • Ship repair & maintenance
  • Technical Supplies
  • Spare Parts Distribution
  • Inland

The inland department is a combination of all of the above, ensuring a tailored made service for all our brown water clients. The Technical Supplies and Spare Parts Distributions department are now working not only for all projects performed by our technical teams but as well for 3rd party assistance outside our docks or management. Many of our clients are now benefiting from the experience of our specialized trade department and/or form our bonded warehousing.  

The Magazine Inside Marine is going more in depth on these topics in there recent issue. Follow the link below and find us as from page 84.