We manage every type of shipyard activity, from emergency dockings, to special surveys, conversion projects and shipbuilding. EDR Antwerp Shipyard is an expert in turnkey projects such as ballast water treatment plants, scrubber installations, propeller retrofits and many more. 

Our personnel is trained and/or certified by various makers, OEM specialists and Classifications Societies.


  • professional project management 
  • on-time redelivery
  • transparent cost and invoicing procedures
  • problem solved thinking
  • highest quality- and safety standards


  • all types of hull treatment
  • on-site steel fabrication halls 
  • pipe works including GRP/GRE
  • specialized rigging team for all propulsion and rudder types
  • experience with all engine types and fuel consumption


Timing is crucial in the maritime industry, and EDR Antwerp Shipyard assists with all emergency repairs and planned maintenance at vessels in the port or at our lay by berths. 

EDR Antwerp Shipyard meets all mechanical repair- and conversion requirements of the marine and offshore industries. 

Our dedicated team for Ship Repair at Terminal is very experienced and knows exactly how to solve any emergency situation with minimal delays for the vessel.

Vessels are designed to sail, not to stay idle in ports. That is where EDR Antwerp Shipyard steps in. Close cooperation by EDR with all stakeholders reduces repair time and increases the profitability of your assets.


Our Riding Squad can be deployed on board during navigation. Preparing or performing repairs while the vessel is sailing avoids stoppage and economic losses and reduces the project time whilst at our yard. 

Each day various projects are executed on board, amongst:

  • Auxiliary engine overhaul and power plant management
  • Steel works and modifications 
  • Cleaning and deck/superstructure treatment
  • Ballast water treatment system installation
  • Scrubber installation preparation


EDR Antwerp Shipyard’s painting department is equipped for any kind of paint job on a vessel or offshore structure. From painting handrails to blasting and coating entire ship’s hulls, EDR Antwerp Shipyard can handle the job.

Ballast and fresh water tanks, up to entire cargo holds are treated with utmost care. These quality interventions allow the vessel’s operators/managers to ship cargo with the highest care exceeding industry standards. 

Continuous cooperation with paint specialists ensures your guarantee on coatings and applications. 

Surface pre-treatment is performed with manual or automated high pressure water jetting (up to 3.500 bar). Alternatively, we can offer grid blasting as well.


This specialized department focuses on cleaning fuel tanks, ballast tanks, fresh water tanks, cargo holds and engine rooms.  EDR Antwerp Shipyard has all required in-house expertise in tank cleaning and coating and a highly trained and skilled workforce, supported by the necessary equipment such as high pressure jets and pumps.

The impact of unexpected stoppages due to fire and/or other incidents is significantly reduced by the intervention of the EDR Antwerp Shipyard cleaning team. Their activities are performed either in navigation, alongside or in our drydock. 

This specialized department is also very active in applying and/or replacing of all kinds of insulations on pipelines, engines, machinery, exhausts, provision rooms, etc.


Our steelworks department is the largest department of EDR Antwerp Shipyard. Hatch cover repairs, shell plate replacements, repairs on gangways, handrails, walkways and safety stanchions, pipe repairs or renewals, pre-fabrication of parts or entire steel constructions, bay conversions, cell guide repairs, etc. 

We handle dockings and hatch cover treatment simultaneously at our dedicated hatch cover landing zone. 

Our workshop is BV approved and fully equipped to carry out all marine and offshore related repair and conversion steel works. We have several CNC/lathe machines, an ultra-modern plasma cutting machine and much more, enabling us to keep all fabrication ‘in house’ whereby high quality is guaranteed for results within the shortest possible timeframe. For this purpose, we keep an average stock of 100MT of steel plates (LR Grade A, EH36, …), steel bars, and welding consumables.

All EDR Antwerp Shipyard welders, fitters, and operators are trained to meet the highest standards of marine fabrication and repair work, while the EDR foremen continuously monitor if the applicable standards and procedures are being followed. Over the years, our welders have acquired an excellent reputation with clients and class for highly professional and skilled workmanship. Big or small, highly skilled teams can be mobilized on very short notice to respond to every possible emergency.


EDR Antwerp Shipyard is your preferred competent service provider for the repairs and maintenance of most four- and two- stroke diesel engines. Our service engineers and technicians are well trained and amongst the most competent diesel engine technicians in our region. We have experience with, Wärtsila, Sulzer, SKL, MAN engines up to 98MC (!) and many more.

All marine and offshore equipment, from winches to pumps and hydraulic equipment, can be handled by our mechanical department and can be delivered on board with our trucks. 

Contact us to find out how we can assist you in solving longstanding or imminent problems. Our mechanical teams are available  24 hours a day, seven days a week, the whole year through. Ask about our lumpsum quotations!


The electrical department is one of our many strengths. The department consists of highly skilled marine electrical technicians, with years of field and shop experience. Over the years, our electrical teams have acquired an excellent reputation with vessel managers for carrying out high quality work, Class approved and completed on time within the proposed budget.

Repairs, modifications, and replacements of marine instrumentation systems, repairs and modifications on main switch boards and main propulsion and steering gear systems are among the many services we provide. One of our specialties is increasing the reefer capacity on container vessels; this can either be a temporary or permanent increase, but is always Class approved.

Dismantling and re-installing the motors on board is one of the services we provide. We can supply and service virtually any equipment found on commercial vessels, from small wiring repairs to large and complicated installations. We can use our many years of expertise to come up with a solution with the additional benefit of honest, reliable and friendly service at a great price.


The recent developments in the world of IoT (Internet of Things) have resulted in a specialized department within EDR Antwerp Shipyard. These specialists combine a broad skillset with practical knowledge of your vessel. CCTV, vessel monitoring systems, satellite connections and two way communication systems are installed while the vessel is in navigation and in port.

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