EDR-Turbo, the youngest department within EDR Antwerp Shipyard, specializes – as the name states – in the repair and maintenance of turbochargers installed on diesel engines. Being part of EDR Antwerp Shipyard and based on the shipyard itself,

EDR-Turbo benefits from the infrastructure and the existing organization.

Transparent Offer

  • technical services all turbochargers
  • transparent cost and invoicing procedures
  • problem solved thinking – repair minded
  • lumpsum prices

Detailed Work reports

  • all types diesel turbochargers
  • on-site workshop
  • efficient and skilled interventions
  • clear reporting with extended warratnY


EDR-Turbo benefits from the infrastructure and the existing organization. More than five decades of practical experience in-house on any brand/type of diesel engine turbocharger is combined with a large stock of spare parts and well-equipped workshops. 

Based in the middle of Europe and Shanghai, we can deliver worldwide spare parts and service within the shortest time possible. 

Our unique tracking system of crucial turbocharger components allows the owner to follow the spare parts during their lifetime. Additionally, it enables EDR-Turbo to advise the owner (during the next overhaul of the turbocharger) to extend the lifetime of these expensive components or not. 

After each overhaul, you will receive a transparent, detailed work report with recommendations for the future, supported by measuring data, pictures and a balancing report from our yearly calibrated Schenck balancing machine.



Our turbocharger technical team will be happy to assist you with any question or remark you would have concerning your fleet’s turbochargers or spare parts. 

These factory-trained turbocharger specialists will not only attend to your vessels/powerplants within the ARA area but worldwide if desired by you. When possible, we will also propose local assistance for the scheduled overhaul of your turbochargers to reduce the price. 

Of course this is covered by our extended warranty.


Did a certain manufacturer stop producing key components? No problem, EDR-Turbo will look for and find an alternative. Being based on a shipyard, EDR-Turbo is the ideal partner for main or aux engine turbocharger retrofits. All the required skills and materials are present, from pipefitting and riggers to machinists and turbocharger specialists: all within one company, which reduces the price considerably.

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