Special Survey LODUR

Earlier last month, the vessel Lodur was docked  at EDR Antwerp Shipyard in dock 5 . During the special survey various class items were addressed, hull treatment performed and BWTS preparations made. Other items like crane repair, hatch coaming treatment and alternator overhaul were executed up to highest satisfaction of DNV Class.  

Parallel to the works in dock 5, all hatch covers were landed for treatment and repairs. This enabled Owners to reduce down time of the vessel. 

With the Port of Antwerp as discharge and loading port, Owners saved significant cost for repositioning the vessel. On top of these costs savings, docking near the cargo port creates awareness of the environmental footprint of vessel maintenance.

The biggest challenge for our Project Manager Stijn De Cuyper was to manage the operations at both locations and manage a large team of workers and cleaners on the various sites.

Another job well done!