Installation Erma First BWTS

For one of our loyal and returning clients, we installed an Erma First Ballast Water Treatment system on board of a 73.000 DWT tanker. Total ballast tank capacity was approx. 29.000 m³ with 2 ballast pumps with a capacity of 120 m³/hr each.

BWTS model of ERMAFIRST 1*2000 with capacity of 210 m³/hr was fitted with minimal lead time through excellent cooperation with Owners and Technical managers. Installation was combined executed at our repair berth and in the drydock during Survey. 

Our Technical Supplies department procured all piping materials, electrical component, valves, etc. New piping was fabricated as per given isometrics in our workshop. 

The BWTS system was installed inside the pump room and engine room and EDR Antwerp Shipyard completed the installation including the commissioning under supervision of Ermafirst Engineers. 

Project installation time including commissioning was 21 days, parallel executed with Special Survey.

Big thanks to the Owners for their confidence in EDR Antwerp Shipyard!